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Can beautiful site-finished flooring have a positive impact on the environment?

How does your flooring impact the environment? If you use site-finished Hapwood™, you can have beautiful hardwood flooring that has a positive impact on the environment.

According to the USDA’s latest data, the volume of hardwood timber in the US has continued to increase for the past 65 years, and hardwood trees contribute to cleaner air and cleaner water.


Hardwood timber is a renewable resource. When hardwood timber is harvested, new trees grow back from the stump.


Hapwood™ uses fewer trees per square foot that all other site finished hardwood options, and fewer trees per square foot than most prefinished options.


Choosing a renewable, sustainable Hapwood™ floor is both beautiful and good for the environment.

Hapwood™ vs 3/4″ Solid

Fewer Trees Per Floor

Hapwood™ is made from 100% sustainable and renewable American produced resources, and uses fewer trees per square foot than other hardwood flooring.
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Hapwood vs Vinyl Plank Flooring

Sustainable Flooring Solution

Hapwood™ can be refinished multiple times giving it a much longer lifespan than vinyl flooring options, and Hapwood™ is made from sustainable, renewable resources.
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