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Custom Finished Engineered Flooring

No Cupping or Gapping…Guaranteed!

No More
Cupping & Gapping

Howell Hardwood Flooring utilizes a unique manufacturing process to produce HAPWOOD™– an unfinished engineered flooring line that remains stable and flat during seasonal humidity changes. No Cupping. No Gapping. No Problem.™

Premium Warranty

Hapwood™ offers the industry’s only limited lifetime transferable warranty against seasonal movement.

Certified Providers

Our premium warranty is available only on floors installed by certified providers. Become a certified provider.


Warranty Registration

Register your Hapwood™ floor here to activate your limited premium warranty against seasonal movement.

Best in class performance

Over the last 10,000,000 square feet of installed Hapwood™ we have an average of less than ONE CLAIM per million square feet. Quality is important when selecting your floor of choice, but even more so after installation. And that’s what Hapwood™ brings to the table. Less than one claim per 1,000,000 means peace of mind for contractors and their customers.
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